Welfare Activities

Bringing happiness and prosperity through social and welfare service is one of the integral visions of The Quran Foundation. Following are the welfare activities that we perform:

Quran and Hadith supporting Education

Ramadan Ration Program (RRP):

Ramadan Ration Program was started by The QuranFoundation in 2011 and has been consistently carried on every year since then. Thepurpose of RRP is to reach out to people who are poor and needy, help them by providing grocery/ration items sufficient for a month so that they can fulfill their religious obligation of fasting, with ease. The revenue for this project is derived from Zakat/Charity. Our volunteers play a key role in doing background check to make sure the ration reaches to the deserving families, post which, they carry on with the distribution.

  Disaster Relief Support (DRS):   

This is our seasonal welfare drive that we will be conducted on case to case basis.

  • Kurnool Flood Relief: We’ve helped the flood effected residents of Kurnool in 2009 by sending across 3 trucks of eatables and ration.
  • Assam Relief: Our team has physically reached Assam during the communal disturbance in 2013 and distributed goods of necessity among those who were affected.
  • Muzaffarnagar Relief Fund: Under this program we have helped the victims with construction of temporary homes
Year No.of Families Supported
2011 765
2012 1100
2013 1200
2014 1100
2015 1300
2016 967
2017 875
  Winter Blanket Drive (a part of Seasonal Welfare Activity drive):   

Every year in the chilly winter season, we’ve been distributing blankets among the poor people, especially those whose roof is the sky. Close to 300 blankets were distributed every year since 2013.

  Orphan and Poor Girls’ Marriages (OPGM):   

With monetary contributions received from those kind-hearted people who wish to see happiness in the eyes of poor and orphaned girls, The Quran Foundation help support this program on case to case basis. All these cases will be personally verified before they get any support   from us.

  Self-Employment Program (SEP):   

In 2013, we initiated this project to help the widow sisters of the community by providing them sewing machines, so that they will be able to generate employment for themselves by the means of stitching clothes. This initiative is still running smoothly.

  Borewell Installation Drive:   

In order to provide the Water to people in need, we help support with drilling and installation of Borewells. First the site area will be inspected by experts and then based on the report the project will be executed. There is no fixed limit on the number of feets to be drilled as it purely depends on the area geographical location.