Date : February 21, 2018


We firmly believe in community upliftment through academic excellence by providing Education and Knowledge. The following are the various approaches and involvement of The Quran Foundation in Educational activities.

Following are the welfare activities that we perform



Disaster Relief Support (DRS):

We provide scholarships to the underprivileged and deserving candidates who can pursue their academic qualifications at different levels through financial support. Through the scholarships granted to them, the students can achieve their academic goals without any hurdles.

  • Career Guidance:

    This program is to make our country free from unemployment. For this, right career guidance is the need of an Hour. We guide the students in opting right career options. Those whom we guide are students from KG to PG levels. We proactively visit schools and colleges and conduct sessions/workshops under this service. We’ve been guiding job aspirants in getting right job and as such, 1000s of students got employment in various industries. Under this program, together with other NGOs we support for weekly career guidance programs.

  • Orphan Empowerment Program (OEP):

    Parents are the ones who look after the well-being of their children. But who will do so in the absence of the parents? Children are the future of our communities and country at large, and education helps them to come up with flying colors of success in life. With a view to provide a sustainable and positive future to these underprivileged children, we’ve so far sponsored many Orphan children right from Schooling till Post Graduate studies. Under this program, we provide free food, free education and free shelter to underprivileged and orphan children at our “Education Center for Underprivileged and Orphan Children” (ECUOC)

  • Quran Learning Centers:

    As a part of our moral and spiritual education scheme, we provide support to various Quran Learning Centers for both boys and girls.

  • Summer Camps:

    We make sure that the students benefit to the maximum during their vacation time every summer. Moral etiquettes are taught to the students in addition to computer skills at various locations.

Computer Literacy Program:

  • In the era of technology, we promote the basics of computer literacy especially among the children who generally have zeal towards technological advancement but cannot afford to learn it due to either financial or infrastructural constraints. By being computer literate, the students become confident in their personal and professional pursuits with technological usage.

Weekly lectures:

  • Weekly lectures on various topics such as Spirituality, National Integration, Brotherhood, Peace and Harmony, Quran Summary of Translation, Life of Prophets (peace be upon him) to create a sense of brotherhood.


  • The Quran Foundation has a library at its research center with decent collection of books on Quranic Principles, Islamic Jurisprudence, Prophetic Narrations, Islamic history, and other contemporary topics like peace, harmony, brotherhood, compassion and mutual respect. There is not just a reading facility for the library visitors at the center, we also lend books for reading at home, and thus promote knowledge and better understanding of balanced Islam to people at large. A teacher will be available from morning to evening for the people to come and learn at their convenient time.


  • Under this program, we conduct workshops on contemporary issues by inviting renowned scholars from different parts of the world for a better understanding and application of Islamic principles, promotion of peace and tranquility etc., among the elite and general public.

Volunteers Development Program:

  • While an NGO supports the needy and serves the community at large, the NGO itself is driven with its relentless volunteers. We do make sure that our volunteers are not just focused towards our Vision but are also equipped with the necessary skills to serve the community. We also organize annual meet on “Volunteerism” for the volunteers of other NOGs working on the similar aims and objectives.

Madarsa Empowerment Program (MEP)<br /> :

Like our “Adopt a School” program, we help improve the infrastructure of the existing Madarsa. Madarsa is the place where children memorize Quran and Hadith, learns Sciences of Quran and Hadith in addition to Islamic Jurisprudence. Under this program, we help support with the various residential and non-residential Madarsa with teaching staff and Food Ration. In these Madarsa, we will also teach the modern subjects like Mathematics, Science, English etc. so that they will contribute their further studies once have completed their Islamic studies. Contribution for this program brings double rewards to the donors, i.e one for feeding these poor children and educating them with Deen.

SAdopt a School Program:

The Quran Foundation wishes to elevate the school infrastructure as a whole which can help in providing quality education to the students which will certainly help in establishing a firm, educated, dignified and developed Nation.